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Kuki Gasper Tarimo | P4H Network

Country Focal Person History

Supporting MOH coordination of partners on health financing reforms in Tanzania mainland

As the P4H country focal person (P4H-CFP), Kuki Gasper Tarimo provides technical support on health financing reforms to the Ministry of Health (MOH) in both Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar.

Technical support on health financing

In Tanzania, Kuki also offers technical support to the MOH’s Department of Policy and Planning on, specifically, universal health insurance (UHI), and coordinates a technical working group on health care financing. Likewise, in Zanzibar, he works on establishing UHI and developing Zanzibar’s Health Financing Strategy. Kuki also produces policy briefs that inform health sector reforms.

Technical support on resource mobilization

Kuki supports both mobilization of resources to support the Health Sector Strategy of Tanzania mainland and of Zanzibar. This support includes acting as a technical lead for BACKUP Health in the Zanzibar Health Services Fund, advocating support from other development partners (DPs). Kuki also facilitates discussions on the Zanzibar Health Services Fund bill and on establishing a special tax to finance the health insurance premium for people living in poverty. Some of these discussions involve the House of Representatives of Zanzibar.

Facilitation of donor support for health financing reforms

Kuki plays a major role in facilitating coordination between partners of the P4H Network and development partners that support reforms in health financing. He is the contact person for initiatives on health financing in both Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar. In addition, he facilitates the monthly P4H partners’ meetingParticipants at the meeting discuss a specific health financing topic and provide updates on their support. This bolsters alignment on different workstreams by development partners DPs supporting the reform processes.

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