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Saibou Seynou | P4H Network

Country Focal Person History

Jun 2018 to Present

Helping to create frameworks for universal health coverage and to facilitate alignment

As part of the process advancing universal health coverage (UHC), the P4H country focal person (P4H-CFP) for Chad, Saibou Seynou, provides technical support. His work supporting the establishment of a legal and institutional framework for UHC in Chad focuses on operationalizing the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAS) and the Agence nationale de régulation de la Couverture santé universelle (ANAR-CSU), the country’s national regulatory agency for UHC. Saibou supports the project management functions of priority setting and solving complex problems. He also helps strengthen the managerial and technical skills of staff at the CNAS and ANAR-CSU.In addition, Saibou helps draft strategic sectoral documents, including the National Health Development Plan, the National Health Financing Strategy for UHC, and the National Strategy for Social Protection.

Facilitating alignment

Through meetings among technical and financial partners (TFP) in health, Saibou tracks the UHC process in Chad. He also helps coordinate meetings on UHC between the government and TFPs. Saibou facilitates alignment of external partners' interventions with national priorities for health financing and social health protection, aiming to speed the UHC process. He assists and advises partners of the P4H Network on the alignment of TFPs. In this role Saibou is an honest broker who provides expertise with the aim of removing bottlenecks impeding progress.

Case studies