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Innovation - P4H Network

The P4H Network’s expected results include new ways of promoting innovative social health protection and  health financing solutions through the joint actions of its members. The P4H Network’s flagship Leadership for Universal Health Coverage programme results from such joint action. 

In 2023, the P4H Coordination Desk is facilitating joint explorations in three innovative areas  in social health protection and health financing collaborations: a political economy tool, an institutional frameworks analysis, and an analysis of nonrenewable material and energy consumption.

Leadership for UHC (L4UHC)

The Leadership for UHC programme enables senior decision makers to develop the leadership skills and collective actions needed to bring universal health coverage to life in their countries.

Political Economy Tool

Advancing universal health coverage through reforms to social health protection and health financing systems across the countries in which P4H works is more than a technical challenge.

NonRenewable Material and Energy Resources

Social health protection (SHP) systems need resources. The more resources they consume, the more vulnerable they are to dwindling supply. Planning adaptation strategies to reduce SHP systems’ use of nonrenewable material and energy resources is urgent.

Institutional Framework

An institutional framework includes policy frameworks and legal and regulatory frameworks. Together they help countries build systems for social health protection that advance universal health coverage.