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Regional Dynamics - P4H Network
  • Asia
  • Anglophone Africa
  • Francophone Africa
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Latin America and the Caribbean

P4H’s regional approach implements our mandate in 5 regions of the globe

As the global institutional network for social health protection (SHP) and health financing (HF), the P4H Network focuses on country-led work. Yet besides global and national collaborations, there are regional needs and opportunities for collaborations in SHP and HF. And regions include many stakeholders and dynamics already in place. This is why the P4H Network embraces its mandate at a regional level, clearly stated in its terms of reference, which includes potential engagement with regional organizations, bodies and institutions.

As with P4H country focal persons (P4H-CFPs), P4H regional focal persons (P4H-RFPs ) are deployed or appointed. Currently one P4H-RFP is based in Bangkok and one, in Cairo. Regions are also distinguished in the P4H Steering Group, where one of the four constituencies is regional development banks, who collectively hold two voting seats. Currently, three regional development banks are P4H members: the African Development Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the Council of Europe Development Bank.

P4H regional work

Sharing, learning and collaborating at a regional level is common practice in the SHP and HF communities. The P4H Network defines several regions based on their character, history and internal dynamics and the impetus of the P4H Coordination Desk. P4H enhances various collaborations in Asia. Eastern Europe and Central Asia, including the Commonwealth of Independent States and additional countries, is also very active, as is francophone Africa. Latin America & the Caribbean and anglophone Africa are regions where the P4H Network’s contributions are developing.

P4H regional groups respond to needs and opportunities

Through these regional groups, P4H supports regional and interregional experience and knowledge sharing. Instrumental stakeholders engaged in this sharing include organizations, countries, and individuals in the regions. P4H country members and regional members in academia and the P4H-CFPs and P4H-RFP working in a region play key roles. Activities with regional groups also create opportunities for cross-regional connections.

Anglophone Africa

Maintaining regional collaborations advancing universal health coverage.


Leveraging regional expertise to promote reforms and progress advancing universal health coverage.

Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Representing a unique showcase of reforms and policy approaches advancing universal health coverage.

Francophone Africa

Building national health systems and strengthening country leadership for universal health coverage.

Latin America and the Caribbean

Expanding the community with meaningful collaborations advancing universal health coverage.