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Organization - P4H Network

The P4H Steering Group (P4H-SG) comprises P4H members in four constituencies: governments; multilateral agencies; global health funds; partnerships; regional development banks. Together the constituencies hold 15 voting seats. The P4H-SG also has three observer seats, for academic institutions; civil society organizations; the private sector.

The P4H Technical Exchange Group (P4H-TEG) includes members’ staff, P4H country focal persons, P4H’s secretariat. The P4H-SG has two co-chairs and the P4H-TEG, three. P4H-TEG working groups center P4H-SG priorities. 

The secretariat, the P4H Coordination Desk, includes experts from the International Labour Organization, World Bank Group, and World Health Organization as well as other specialists.

P4H Steering Group

The P4H-SG is the decision-making body of the network.

P4H Technical Exchange Group

The P4H-TEG engages P4H members’ technical level staff in working groups, focusing on the P4H-SG priorities.

P4H Coordination Desk

The P4H-CD is a secretariat composed of coordinators based in the UN specialized agencies that are members.