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Partnerships - P4H Network

P4H connects, incentivizes and facilitates partnerships among different stakeholders across health, finance, social and other sectors at all levels. The P4H Network is open to all institutions, initiatives and professionals working on social health protection and health financing. It works with partners to create synergies fostering national policies and strategies that advance universal health coverage.

Today, P4H partners with global and regional entities in different aspects of reform including high level commitment, policy development and implementation, knowledge exchange, data and evidence generation, and capacity building. Here is how the P4H Network works with partners. 

Sustainable Financing For Health Accelerator

École nationale supérieure de sécurité sociale

Connect for social health protection

Global Partnership for Universal Social Protection to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (USP2030)

The shift project

Asia Pacific Network for Health System Strengthening (ANHSS)

Advancing Health Equity and Accountability (GFF CSO HUB)

Social Protection Inter-agency Cooperation Board (SPIAC-B)

Local Health System Sustainability Project (LHSS)

International Training Centre (ITCILO)