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Esabelle Yam Lo Yan | P4H Network

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AustraliaJan 2022 to Present

Esabelle Yam shows what the Australian National University can do

As international engagement manager at the Australian National University (ANU), Esabelle Yam fosters collaborations with academic partners, regional stakeholders, and global health organizations to deliver research, training, and advocacy on topics such as universal health coverage (UHC); health security; pandemic prevention, preparedness and response. She represents ANU as the P4H country focal person for Australia.

Recent webinars about social health protection for migrants

Esabelle’s recent work includes collaborating to organize a webinar series on social health protection for migrants and their families in several regions–Asia and the Pacific among them. The webinar series includes speakers from within and outside the regions discussed. Speakers’ presentations address policies, advances made, and challenges in improving social health protection for migrant workers.

Survey complements webinars with information and insights

As part of the webinar series, ANU prepared a survey that webinar attendees are invited to complete on the knowledge gaps and areas that are important to help country and regional stakeholders design social health protection policies for migrant communities. Survey answers are intended to inform discussion on potential collaborations to improve social health protection of migrant communities in the Asia and Pacific regions and beyond. Also, the survey will give the P4H Network insight into support that it might facilitate through follow-up studies and tools to help translate knowledge into policy.

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