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Marielle Goursat | P4H Network

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Apr 2018 to May 2022

Marielle Phe Goursat supports the extension of social health protection in Asia

Marielle Phe Goursat is a social health protection (SHP) expert with the International Labour Organization. She serves as chief technical adviser of a regional programme on extending SHP in Asia. As a P4H regional focal person, Marielle acts as technical adviser for the P4H Network’s SHP activities in Asia. She supports the P4H Technical Exchange Group by bringing in academic partners in Asia. And Marielle works to develop collaboration between the P4H Network and its partner in the Asia Pacific region, CONNECT for Social Health Protection.

Policy advice and technical support on social health protection

Marielle helps to advance policy reform processes on financing and expansion of coverage, operational efficiency of social security systems and capacity development. She works to create social dialogue and produce evidence through research that informs national debates on increasing financial health protection coverage. Three examples illustrate Marielle’s efforts. In the Lao Peoples’ Democratic Republic, Marielle brings expertise on the financial sustainability of national health insurance through actuarial analysis and support to increase compliance. In Cambodia, she carried out the review of the National Social Security Fund Health Insurance Scheme and contributed to discussion on universal health coverage (UHC) among development partners. Marielle conducts research on providing better coverage to workers in the informal economy in Viet Nam. She works closely with development partners involved in social protection and health financing reforms.

Capacity building on social health protection

Marielle actively engages in capacity building at the regional and global levels. Building on regional and global partnerships, she creates opportunities for short- and long-term training on SHP. A flagship training is the Mahidol University Master’s degree programme in primary health care management and SHP. The programme aims to equip decision makers and practitioners with the practical and analytical skills needed to design, implement, evaluate, finance and adapt adequate SHP policies and systems. Marielle lectures, mobilizes other experts in and beyond the region, and organizes fellowships for students in the region.

Strengthening South-South collaboration on social health protection

Marielle is nurturing the development of CONNECT for Social Health Protection, a network of public institutions and nonprofit private organizations working together to bridge gaps in SHP. Its mandate is to enhance the capacity of countries’ in the region to develop and implement strong, sustainable and comprehensive policies, strategies and systems for SHP as a contribution to advancing UHC. Through CONNECT, Marielle promotes exchanges on good practices and fosters South-South cooperation initiatives. She works to develop joint research opportunities, delivers training, and supports advocacy and awareness-raising efforts.
May 2016 to Apr 2018

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