Benefits of membership in P4H for Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan seeks support from P4H to design and implement health financing and social protection reforms, in particular in the following areas:

  • Policy advice
  • Access to expert opinion
  • Educational events for international best practice exchange
  • Joint focus in-depth studies in healthcare


Main topics that RCHD and P4H could work on together are:

  1. Methodological support in implementation of mandatory social health insurance in the following areas:
  • Quality control through paying providers for performance;
  • Involvement of the self-employed;
  • Innovative experiences in forming the packages of medical services.
  1. Measuring UHC
  2. IT for rural area gap in access to healthcare
  3. Health technology assessment
  4. Regulation of the privately owned and run healthcare service provider for ensuring UHC
  5. Approaches to estimation of healthcare financing needs and projection of service needs
  6. Quality assurance: institutional set up and regulation
  7. Healthcare infrastructure planning and regulation in social health insurance
  8. National Health Accounts methodology and regulation
  9. Medical services tariffs calculation: fair, sufficient but not excessive
  10. Concept of socially aware business in healthcare


Apart from receiving support from the partnership, RCHD seeks to contribute to the network by creating a P4H Central Asia Regional Hub.

Kazakhstan’s strategically beneficial location in the heart of Eurasian Economic Union (Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Kazakhstan) gives access to 183.4 million people in the region.

Kazakhstan is a peaceful and stable country that opens up opportunities to discuss UHC and social health protection related policy and other topics with Russian speaking countries in the region.


RCHD in partnership with the P4H network plans to achieve the following:


  • Information and local experience exchange
  • P4H events and other forms of support for neighboring countries
  • Best international UHC practice study, development of policy instruments for UHC


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Who should pay patients for medical errors? Kazakhstan is adopting a law on malpractice insurance


Health Insurance Fund held public hearings on pricing of its services


Parliament Members discussed steps to improve the health insurance system


Kazakhstan aims to finance PHC by up to 60% of all health care costs


Kazakhstan aims to have at least 50% of pharmaceuticals produced domestically by 2025


Universal access to health care declared as Kazakhstan's priority at Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting

National UHC Dynamics Card Kazakhstan

To overcome potential healthcare access deficits and the risk associated with catastrophic health expenditure, countries need to develop a sustainable system of social health protection, aligned with the SDG 3.8.2. The National UHC Dynamic Cards help to identify specific needs and gaps by presenting all relevant information on the UHC process in various countries. In this way, countries can learn from each other to achieve and maintain Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Click here to see the UHC process in Kazakhstan.