Health Financing Progress Matrix 2.0 - Launch Event December 16th 2020

The Health Financing Progress Matrix (HFPM) is WHO’s standardized assessment of country health financing systems using a set of evidence-informed benchmarks, which are also referred to as desirable attributes. Each attribute represents one critical element of a health financing system and signals the direction in which institutions, policy and implementation need to develop in order to make progress towards universal health care (UHC). Thus, the HFPM captures and assesses shifts in policy development and implementation and also complements the quantitative measures of UHC performance (e.g. financial protection and health expenditure estimates). Version 2.0 is the culmination of almost three years of conceptual development and testing in 20 countries. 

In order to be able to expand the implementation in 2021, a series of technical events will take place, which started with a launch event on December 16, 2020. The event was held via Zoom and was jointly organized by the WHO Department of Health Systems Governance & Financing and the WHO Department of Delivery for Impact. The 187 participants received an overview of the HFPM, which was accompanied by reflections from WHO country office staff involved in or considering the implementation, researchers, and the funding community.

The future events are intended to carry forward the discussions, e.g. to define the specifics of implementation in given countries and to explore the potential synergies of the HFPM with those of partners (e.g., the AU Progress Tracker).


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