African Union

The African Union starts the implementation of the Health Financing Tracker

The African Union (AU) has held the Africa Leadership Meeting - Investing in Health (ALM) Initiative in Johannesburg on 23rd May, 2022, with presence of representatives of African countries.

The objective of the meeting was to exchange on the exercise of the Health Financing Tracker, which is expected to be completed by countries in the next weeks.

The objectives of the Investing in Health initiative are i) more money for health, ii) more health for the money, iii) equity and financial protection, iv) leadership. Each of these objectives receives support from WHO, WB, GFATM and SPARC.

Mozambique was represented by the Ministry of External Affairs and remotely by MOH. The P4H focal person supported the presentation of the Mozambican delegation, focusing the intervention on Mozambique's health financing policy architecture, UHC performance and financial protection.


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