P4H works towards universal health protection

P4H promotes high-level political commitment to UHC and SHP

P4H contributes to knowledge sharing

Interested in joining the P4H network?

Since 2007, the P4H network serves as platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration and strategically supports countries and regions in the creation and extension of sustainable health and social protection systems for UHC/SHP.

P4H is a global network for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and Social Health Protection (SHP). It is a response to the global challenge that millions of people worldwide cannot afford health care and experience great barriers to access medical care at all. 

P4H is adding value by 

  • Ensuring political commitment: combining technical and political solutions
  • Connecting sectors
  • Improving the quality and dynamics of support
  • Scaling up support

In becoming a member in the P4H network you will also have the possibility to contribute and connect with other members. A great knowledge database provides extended information to several health related topics. 

10 year of experience. Many more to come.   

In our logo and our design identity we want to symbolize the strong network that pursuits the purpose of our overall goals. If you would like to know more about our design idea, please click here


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