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Fifth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research, 08-12 October 2018, Liverpool, UK

The organizing committee of the 2018 Global Symposium in Liverpool approved a side event proposal of P4H submitted in collaboration with Cambodia, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Morocco and Tanzania. As shown in the symposium program, the P4H event titled Progressive realization of UHC: the role of networks and multisector collaboration will be held on Monday, October 08 from 13:30 to 17:00 in the ACC Room 3A. Translation will be provided from French to English for presentations and discussions.

The event will start with kick off presentation to stimulate discussions on key challenges to extend health coverage to the most vulnerable groups in society (leaving no one behind) and continue with five country experiences and lessons learnt from their health financing and social protection reforms in recent years. These sessions will open round table discussions on the role of networking and multisector collaboration in successful UHC related policies and strategies.

The overall objective of the event is to discuss, extract and build knowledge about networking and multisector collaboration in the new environment to attain UHC and SDGs. Main focuses will be ensuring equity, reaching the poor and vulnerable, enhancing health coverage, financial protection, improving governance and accountability. The presentations and round table discussions of the event will be also contributory to new equal and accountable partnerships for global health development moving away from donor and recipient type of aid paradigm.

Please find the symposium program under following link:

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